Professional Visual Display Pre-sales engineer for Samsung Visual Display Organization.

Samsung Visual Display organization, the one responsible to sell and install professional communication screens in buildings, halls, media (i.e.  Broadcast screens) Digital signage (i.e. in airports), etc. opens a technical presales position. As a member of the Professional presales team the main responsibility is to provide Technical Support for the Sales team.

Main Functions:

–  Technical Support for sales team focus on end customers and system integrators.

–  Project management with a full collaboration with Headquarters and European Display Organization to give in every project full Support for the excellence in the execution.

  • Service coordination for the after sales services for the relevant projects.
  • Project development end to end (from prescription to installation)

–  Collaborate on working in the Brand awareness by building up a strategy on differentiation by analyzing the rival companies and technologies (LCD Monitor, LFD monitor and LED screens), define products comparison and strong points of our technology against the competence one to give Support for sales team based on product differentiation.

–  Product Training to System Integrators & End customers.

–  Field support during installations.

Candidate Requirements:

–  Completed technical engineering degree (Telecomunicaciones, ingeniería industrial,etc.).

–  Fluent English level to communicate with international stakeholders.¡

–  Microsoft Office autonomy.

–  CAD knowledge will be a plus.

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