Descripción de la empresa

bertrandt AG, sucursal en España

Where we are

Europe, China and the USA with presence in 54 locations.

Who we are

Bertrandt group is a German multinational founded in 1974 to develop and provide solutions to companies in the aeronautics, medicine, energy and, mainly, automotive sectors.

Our activity

The Bertrandt Group has been providing development solutions for the international automotive and aviation industries in Europe, China and the USA for more than 40 years. About 13,000 employees at 54 locations guarantee extensive know-how, sustainable project solutions and a high level of customer orientation. Its main customers include the major manufacturers and numerous system suppliers.Our activity starts from product development to the final production phase.

What we offer

The ability to develop in one of the sectors most oriented to new technologies and innovation, giving the opportunity to junior talent to learn and train, to go over time.

What we are looking for

Studies completed. Flexible people, with initiative, empathic, who likes to work as a team, motivated to work and learn new concepts. Necessary to have high knowledge of English and desirable German.


We look forward to receiving your application!